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Virtual Office is a service that we provide to our clients which include mailing address, telephone and fax number. Business Administration will assist in handling all the incoming calls/ mails/ fax. You may choose from our package, Basic, Starter, Pro and Pro Plus.

There are NO physical units involved for Virtual Office.

You may use the meeting room for your meetings and discussion.

Don’t worry Sir. Our VOS Package with Call Transfer service has NO additional charges. It is already included in the package.

We can transfer call to any local number; landline or mobile numbers.

No. It is not necessarily to reserve the meeting rooms in advance. However, if it is a confirm and important meeting/appointment, we would strongly advise you to book the slot in advance to secure the room.

The booking can be done anytime in advance.

Yes, of course, you can just use the rooms for you to do your paperwork, surf the internet, quick discussions/interviews. And the best part is, the whole space is just occupied by your good self.

These will be the document/item that we need to sign you up.

i. Copy of Director IC (all director’s mentioned on SSM; regardless active or inactive)

ii. Copy of SSM document (Form 9 & 49, Sdn Bhd, Borang E, Enterprise/Sole Propietor)

iii. LCHcorp Registration Form

iv. Payment: Security deposit (Refundable) + Activation Fee + Advance Payment (for the whole sign up period)

Example: You are signing up for VOS Pro (RM138/month)

VOS Pro Security Deposti = RM293.00 (Refundable)
Activation Fee                     = RM50.00*
VOS Pro (3 months)           = RM138 x 3 months = 414.00*

*Price subject to 6% sst

When your subscription coming towards the end, our Business Administrators will generate a renewal invoice and send them through the email. 14 days will be allocated for you to respond to the email to whether continue/ terminate/ upgrade/ downgrade your package.

If you take more than 14 days to respond and exceed your package end date, we will still be providing the service (manage telephone calls/emails/ fax, etc.), consuming the deposit that you have paid upon registration.

The deposit amount will be topped up once payment is made or refunded to you if you decide to terminate.

It is a RM200 one-time charge for our side to activate your service.

Yes sir. your deposit is refundable.

You MUST submit your termination form before your end date to receive the full amount of the deposit. Verbal submissions will not be entertained.

As much as you, we too don’t believe in the “hidden charges’ game. Therefore, in LCHcorp what you see is what you pay.

For example, if you subscribe for VOS Pro Package which is charge at RM138.00/month, that is basically what you need to pay to enjoy all services offered for VOS Pro Package.

Yes Sir, definitely. We do have administration support as additional service. 

As this is an additional service, extra charges will be incurred on your account according to your usage.

You can request for a full listing of our additional facilities from our front desk.

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade at any time at NO charge. You just need to pay the additional difference from the current package (if available).

Yes, that is possible. But considering you have make the advance payment, we usually will strongly advise for you to continue until the end date and we will stop service accordingly. It is because the advance payment is not refundable.

Only the deposit amount will be refunded upon termination.

Basically, the rental that we charge on you is inclusive of every tiny/major aspects of office management element. With our workspace, you no longer have to worry of the utilities. i.e. electricity, water, internet or whether you a have missed the bill due date. All these is covered in our Workspace monthly rental.

The office too is equipped with all the basic need such a working table, chair, cabinet and individual air conditioner. you just need to bring in yourself and your computer and hey presto, you can start your work immediately.

And if you are a one-man-show entrepreneur, you do not have to worry to hire an administrator to standby in office to answer your call or to accept your mails and couriers. Our business administrators will always be at the front desk (Yes, even during lunch hour) to assist in handling all your incoming calls/ mails /fax. This is an investment for a long term convenience.

The word ‘budget’ literally speaks for the whole concept of the Budget Office Suites. The office is not represented by a reception area but is designed specifically straight forward for determined and straightforward businessmen.

Size of the offices are mad bigger, compare to the Serviced Office Suites with all furniture in. If you have more staffs, the Budget Office can be an optimum choice.

At Budget Office Suites, you will not bothered with the phone rings, door bells, or door-to-door salesman. You can fully concentrate in your business development or software codes or creative designs, while other matters of office administration is take n care of by our side.

When all these elements is taken into consideration, the word ‘budget’ does not mean cheap, but it means that it definitely give more value to your money.

Definitely. You will be given access to the main entrance (office key) and your office suite of course.

You can come in at any time at your convenience.

The usual practice is to answer the calls, take down the message and email you the message. But if you do not miss any calls, we can direct transfer the call to your mobile. As this is an additional service, additional charge will incur and will be billed to your monthly bill.

These will be the document/item that we need to sign you up.

i. Copy of Director IC (all director’s mentioned on SSM; regardless active or inactive)

ii. Copy of SSM document (Form 9 & 49, Sdn Bhd, Borang E, Enterprise/Sole Propietor)

iii. Copy of IC for all finger print access users (Serviced Office Suites Only)

iv. LCHcorp Registration Form

v. Payment: Security deposit (Refundable) + Facilities Deposit (Refundable) + 1st Month Rental + 2nd User Finger Print Access (for Serviced Office Suites – if applicable) / Access Card (for Budget Office Suites)

Yes. Of course, you can rent less than 6 months.

However, you are still required to pay for the Security Deposit and the Facilities Deposit, aside from the monthly rental. It will be refunded to you 60 days after your termination.

Yes, you can if it is the last option that you have.

Stated in the Tenancy Agreement that given to you upon your sign up, we not NOT be refunding the Security Deposit if the contract is terminated before the end date.

You MUST also inform us at least one month in advance for us to do the neccessary arrangement.

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